Dublin City Council fined itself over €450,000 in Vacant Site Levies, new figures have revealed.

In the Dublin City Council area it is estimated that 4,714 homes remain unbuilt on sites that have development potential in the DCC area.

A total of €882,495 in fines were levied by local authorities across the country on vacant sites.

Dublin City Council accounted for the majority of these fines, which were calculated as 3% of the site values in 2018.

The council levied a total €640,950 in fines although €463,500 was paid to itself as three of the sites were council-owned.

It’s estimated that land with potential to build between 18,500 and 20,700 homes is lying idle across the country.

A total of 359 vacant sites were identified across the country in a progress report on the Vacant Site Levy that was sent to the Department of Housing.

The information was obtained by RTE Investigates following a Freedom of Information request.

A total of 61 sites have since been removed from the register as development has started on them – with 31 of these sites being in the DCC area.

A further 63 sites are in pre-planning consultations, the majority of which are in the Dublin City Council and South Dublin County Council areas.