Dublin city council BAN the use of wild animals in circuses


YES! The use of wild animals for entertainment in a circus has now been banned in Dublin due to a vote.

The motion proposing the ban was put forward by Sinn Féin Councillor Noeleen Reilly.

The Animal Rights Action Network’s spokesperson, John Carmody said: “Thanks to the progressive views of Councillor Noeleen Reilly and those who voted yes at Dublin City Council to the motion, we are now steps nearer to a national ban on the use of animals in Irish circuses.

Philip Toscano-07823 330833 Orlando Circus in Pitesti ,Romania.Three Elephants forced to adopt unnatural positions by owner Billy Wilson Smart in red jacket using a whip and a spiked stick.

The move means circuses using wild animals such as elephants, lions, hippos, camels, horses, crocodiles and tigers will not be allowed to use public land within Dublin.

“With countries all over the world introducing such legislation, Ireland still has much to do to bring our outdated and old-fashioned views of using animals for entertainment into modern century thinking.

“But thankfully we feel that the tide is turning and we welcome the day Irish circuses can thrive with proper artists and acrobats, that way everyone can have fun.


“What is wrong with using animals in circuses? With the very best intentions in the world, a travelling circus is unable to adequately provide for the animals in their care.

“Considering their very nature, they pull up on whatever land is available and use makeshift, collapsible accommodation,” John said.

“Animals touring Irish circuses in 2016 include elephants, tigers, camels, horses, ponies, crocodiles, parrots and so many other animals prompting the need for national legislation to ban, outright, any circus using any animals.”

The DSPCA have welcomed the news, saying that the use of wild animals “is not necessary to entertain.”

The animal welfare charity explained: “Animals used in wild animal circuses cannot engage in natural behaviour, are transported in cramped conditions, and are often chained or caged for up to 23 hours a day.Many animals suffer from psychological disorders and chronic health problems and the life expectancy can be very low.”

Animal rights group ARAN said Ireland is a step nearer to a national ban on the use of animals in Irish circuses.