Dublin Bus drivers won’t drive into areas of Tallaght next week

Due to ongoing problems with anti social behaviour Dublin bus drivers say they won’t enter parts of Tallaght after 6pm next week.

Drivers have been subjected to stone-throwing, which they say is happening regularly, as well as a new trend known as “scutting” where people cling to the back of the new SG model of buses.

Yesterday National Bus and Rail Union representatives put management on notice that a rolling withdrawal of routes in West Tallaght will commence from Monday with drivers on the 27, 77a and 65b routes all terminating at the Square at 6pm.

They also said services will be withdrawn permanently if an emergency meeting does not take place.

In a letter to Dublin Bus, the trade union said:

“It is the intention of this trade union to protect its members at all costs and we have been more than accommodating over the last few months.

“There had been a huge upsurge in anti-social behaviour in the Tallaght area in the last two months which is causing serious stress and harm to ordinary members.

“No frontline worker should have to endure such treatment, yet Dublin Bus management expects drivers just to put up with these horrid working conditions.

“This is indicative of Dublin Bus’ treatment of staff. In other instances we’ve had drivers who have been subject to projectile assault report that they felt shaken up to be told ‘continue or go sick’.

“Every worker is entitled to a safe workplace but this is currently not the case for bus drivers in west Tallaght.

“The reality on the ground for bus drivers is that these incidents are continuing to rise in number despite the best efforts of An Garda Síochána and some in the community.”