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Dublin Bus Confirms “No Plans” to Withdraw Route 27

After several curtailments and route diversions due to anti-social behaviour in recent weeks Dublin Bus has confirmed that it currently has no plans to stop the service in West Dublin.

Residents expressed their concern that the service to Brookfield and surrounding estates would be withdrawn completely with a leafleting and social media campaign last week.

The campaign circulated a leaflet which stated that there was a “serious danger” that Dublin Bus would withdraw services to certain estates due to “stone-throwing” incidents perpetrated by young people from the area.

The leaflet read: “These crimes are being committed by young people from the local area who are subjecting Dublin Bus to regular attacks on a daily basis.”

The community campaign also urged a combined effort from parents and those living locally to ensure that the Dublin Bus service continues without incident going forward.

A spokesperson for Dublin Bus confirmed to InTallaght on Wednesday that the situation is being monitored but that the Route 27 service to the West Dublin area will be maintained.

She said: “Dublin Bus is working closely with An Garda Síochána and local area representatives to monitor Route 27 and there are no plans to withdraw the service.

The spokesperson also confirmed that Dublin Bus operates a fleet of 987 buses with 400,000 customer journeys a day and that while the operation of such a large fleet is “challenging”, she described the level of anti-social behaviour as “relatively low”.

She added: “This is due, in part, to our commitment to embrace and foster community relations while also implementing physical mechanisms that protect our customers and employees who avail of our services. Dublin Bus has a strong and close working relationship with An Garda Síochána and has set up a number of community forums in different areas across the city. These are regularly attended by our Area Managers and our Area Operations Manager.”