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DPP drops all charges against Jobstown defendants


The DPP has dropped all charges against ten people arrested in relation to the 2014 water charges protest in Jobstown. 

A charge of criminal damage remains in relation to one man who is due to appear in court again next month.

It comes following the acquittals in June of Solidarity TD Paul Murphy and five others who were found not guilty of falsely imprisoning Joan Burton and her adviser.

A number of people were due to go on trial this week but had been informed recently the Director of Public Prosecutions would not be going ahead with the prosecution. Another group were due to go on trial next April.

At the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court this afternoon, lawyers for the DPP told the court they were entering a “nolle prosequi”, bringing an end to the prosecution against the remaining defendants.

A large crowd of supporters cheered in court after Judge Melanie Greally left the bench.

Speaking outside the court following the dropping of the charges, one of the accused, Peter Herbert of Rossfield Park in Jobstown, called for a public inquiry into the entire prosecution.

He said:

“The only way we’ll get vital answers to these questions of civil liberties in this country is to have an independent and public inquiry.

“We are very disappointed that the government has so far ruled out establishing one.

“Given this latest development we urge them to do so now.”