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Don Baker releases single highlighting homeless problem in Ireland


Don Baker has just released a new single called The Homeless which aims to highlight the plight of homeless people in Ireland today. All proceeds from the single will go to Peter McVerry Trust.

Speaking ahead of the release of his new song, Don said:

“It had never crossed my mind to write a song for the homeless.

“However I was approached by a lady named Helen McGrath asking me if I would write a song to highlight the issue of homelessness in Ireland.

“After a week I had one verse written.

“To cut a long story short, after many weeks and many phone calls I had the song finished much to Helen’s delight.”

Latest monthly figures for homelessness found that there were 4,909 adults accessing emergency accommodation in the week 20-26 March.

As well as this, there were 2,563 children in emergency accommodation at this time, giving a total of 7,472 homeless people in this country.

Don hopes his song will draw public attention to the plight of the homeless and helps those who need it most at this time.

“Helen suggested we record the song. I declined saying we need someone big in the music business to sing it!

“I phoned some big hitters who were unfortunately unable to do it at the time.  So I was left holding the baby so to speak!

“Helen suggested again that I sing and I reluctantly agreed. I enlisted the help of my good friend Joe Jewel from Aslan to produce it for us and we gave it our best shot.

“I hope the song does well, not for me or Helen’s sake but to highlight the plight of the many homeless people and families in this country.

“This all proves to me again that God works through people, thank you for reading this and all proceeds go to Peter McVerry Trust.”

Pat Doyle, CEO of Peter McVerry Trust spoke of his appreciation for Don’s involvement.

“We are delighted that such a talented artist has chosen to use his platform to highlight the issue of homelessness and to support the work of Peter McVerry Trust as we work to provide keys to doors for people without a home.”