Do you know how long it would take for a computer to crack one of your passwords?

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There is no rule that tells us how complex a password we are using. Common sense tells us that the more characters it has, and the more varied it is, the better, to avoid that nobody can break it through computer software: it must have numbers, lowercase letters, capital letters and, finally, some other character of those special calls.

Everyone who is dedicated to security also stresses the importance of having several of these passwords and, if possible, with a complexity according to the significance of what we want to protect. That is, that on websites and services where we have registered payment methods, create the most armoured passwords possible and those where it is not possible to misuse our money, or get economic revenue, relax them with other simpler ones.

A website tells you what your password is like

As we tell you, in terms of passwords there is more common sense than immovable rules on how a good password should be, although as it happens a lot on the internet. There are online alternatives that can give us a clue. In this case, it is a website that tells us how long a computer would need to break our password.

How secure is my password?

This page allows us to write a password in a text box and see the result in real-time of the time it takes to decipher that password. Needless to say, it has to the older it is, the more secure we can feel And, as an example of this shield, the website will acquire a different tone depending on the result. If we write a very strong password, it will turn green, while if we try a very weak password, it will take on a more reddish air.

It is true that typing a password that we use in a browser is not a good idea. Say that, from the web, they warn that the entire process is carried out offline, that is, that We can deactivate the data connection or the wifi to make the query. If we opt for this option, after seeing the security of our password we advise you to delete the tab in which we have the web open, delete the cache data and, finally, close the application completely before activating the wireless connections again.

The other alternative, which is the one we have used, is to create an alternative password to our real one. For example, if our Netflix password is “fTg7Er8 $”, we have entered another one that corresponds to the following character / number. That is, “gUh8Fs9 &”. In both cases, the result will be practically the same and thus we prevent them from capturing our password (if that was the intention of the web).

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