Did you know a new app lets you top up your Leap Card from your phone from today?

Exciting news today for all Leap Card users who have ever been stranded with no bus change, an empty card and nowhere near a shop or ATM. With the new Leap Card app called Leap Top up, available here for Android users only (sorry iPhone users) you can top up your card with your smartphone.

You need to enable NFC first, which can be accessed via Settings, then Mobile and Networks. For more information watch the instructional video below:

Basically, once NFC is enabled, you install the app and then hold your card up to your phone. At first we thought it was an early April Fool’s joke until we realised we had not enabled the NFC, so make sure to do that first!

leap 2

Once your phone reads the card, your balance is displayed and then you are given an option to top up using a Visa or Mastercard. Once the payment goes through your card will display the new balance! Easy peasy!

As for iPhone customers, either borrow a friend’s Android device (we tried it in the office and it works on all Leap cards) or you’ll have to wait until Apple Pay launches in Ireland for the service to be available to you.