Did you catch Ed Sheeran wearing a GAA jersey in the new Bridget Jones movie?


Ed Sheeran has made it clear over the last few years exactly how he feels about Ireland and has made it known that he hails from a very Irish background. 

His fathers parents both were from from Ireland and Ed himself has a number of Irish tattoos too including a shamrock and lyrics of songs written as Gaeilge on his body so it will come as no surprise to hear that he was sporting a GAA top in the latest Bridget Jones movie released this month.

Ed pops up at a music festival Bridget attends earlier in the year, it was revealed that the scenes of Ed performing were filmed during his gigs at Croke Park.

Sadly for all you GAA lovers out there he didn’t wear the GAA top of any particular county although if we had to make a guess it would most likely be that of Wexford where his family are from. The top worn belongs to GAAGO, RTÉ’s international GAA.