Demonstrations against racial discrimination on Independence Day in the United States

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Radicals will defeat the left, Trump, where the virus originated, must be held accountable, US President criticizes China again. Photo, AFP.

Washington / Mini Sota / Baltimore: In his Independence Day address, the US President described left-wing extremism as a major threat, while large demonstrations against racial discrimination and police violence took place in US cities.

Large demonstrations took place in Washington and New York, protesters tore down the American flag in Washington, a statue of Columbus was torn down in the state of Baltimore, Trump supporters and opponents clashed and clashes erupted. The American flag was also burned in front of the Trump Tower in New York.

“We should celebrate our solidarity, diversity and freedom, not consider each other as enemies who could be at war at any time,” said Christy Pandora, a 52-year-old woman with her two children. That they are concerned about the ‘enmity’ that is prevalent in the United States at the moment, we are not talking to each other. Shouting at each other.

According to the report, instead of uniting the nation, President Trump has promoted this appointment. Speaking on the occasion of Independence Day in the White House, President Trump said that the protesters want to erase American history. He called the protesters Nazis and terrorists He also said that the radicals would defeat the left.

The US president did not forget to criticize China on the occasion of Independence Day, saying that it should be fully responsible for where the virus originated. Protesters in the US state of Baltimore also tore down a statue of Christopher Columbus, threw the statue’s head into the water, and police failed to arrest anyone.

In addition to Baltimore, statues of Columbus and others were torn down or damaged during protests in cities such as Miami, Richmond, Virginia, St. Paul, Minnesota and Boston.

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