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Debut Fashion Collection Pays Tribute to Old Dublin Cinemas

The city streets, old buildings and changing landscape provide the inspiration for Dublin designer Louise Tracey who launched her debut fashion line this week.

The ‘Adelphi’ Collection is named after the famous Dublin cinema which shut down in 1995 but has left a lasting impression, like so many of the old cinema buildings in the capital.

Louise said: “Coming from Dublin, I feel a real connection to the city, its landmarks & the inspiration it offers up on a daily basis. I think the ephemeral nature of the changing landscape mirrors the ever evolving world of fashion – where sustainability & a ‘considered’ wardrobe are increasingly hard to find.”

“When I say ‘considered’ what I mean is that, Fashion is not all about instant gratification, you don’t need a new dress for every time you leave the house. I mean ‘considered’ in that you support brands that you respect the ethos of, brands who respect their workers and our planet. ‘Considered’ in that you buy the clothes because you love them and you want to wear them forever.”

The follow-up collections will also be named after old cinemas from Dublin with the second line from the designer expected in September 2017.

ASSEMBLE Designer Louise Tracey

The new collection from Louise’s label, ASSEMBLE, was launched at House Dublin where a large crowd gathered for the big reveal & the designer explained that she is an advocate for ‘slow fashion’, using ethically sourced materials from mills that provide workers with fair conditions – creating ‘sustainable fashion’ that will last.

She said: “ I have been making a lot of my own clothes for many years. At one point I even stopped buying clothes. I don’t think that’s necessarily the solution to the problems of fast fashion, but at the time, I really felt like I needed to remove myself from that loop. What I really do believe in is long lasting, well made clothing, and a ‘considered’ wardrobe.”

The ‘Adelphi’ Collection is limited to a maximum of five items per size, per style & is a mix of “androgyny and deconstructed menswear for ladies”.

In addition to launching the fashion collection ASSEMBLE also announced its new website www.assemble.ie, which offers information about the products, the designer & the sustainability ethos.