Local actor Aidan Turner wins Award at Britain’s National Television Awards


Clondalkin actor Aidan Turner was “delighted but confused” to win the Impact Award at Britain’s National Television Awards last night. The 32 year old won the award for the topless scythe wielding scene in the period drama Poldark.

Turner plays the title character Ross Poldark in the TV show and the picture has become quite a favourite among the ladies.


Turner said upon accepting the award:

“Thank you, I’m slightly confused, I didn’t know I was nominated for this award. I didn’t know there was an Impact Award. I’m not sure why I’m here, I’m glad to be, and who knows, this might be the only one I get so I’m delighted.

“I guess the scything scenes kind of speak for themselves, there’s little to say there, but the rest of the cast, it’s such a delight to be in this show, we have such talented people. This Impact Award isn’t just for me, it’s for all of us. Cheers, I appreciate it.”


The National Television Awards were hosted by Dermot O’Leary at the O2 Arena in London on Wednesday January 20th.