Cycling conditions for Dubliners continue to deteriorate as Government turns blind eye

This is according to Fianna Fáil Spokesperson for Dublin, John Lahart TD who says more needs to be done to ensure the safety of cyclists using roads in and around the capital, following a number of recent serious accidents and fatal collisions.

Earlier this month, international consultancy firm, Copenhagenize removed Dublin from its index of the world’s 20 most cycle-friendly cities.

The Dublin South West TD commented:

“Cycling has never been more popular and the number of cyclists in Dublin city has more than doubled over the last decade.

“The situation for cyclists continues to deteriorate and their safety is becoming increasingly threatened. A total of 10 cyclists were killed on the roads of the Greater Dublin Area in 2016 and already this year we have reached half of that number.

“Fianna Fáil has always been a party which prioritises sustainable transport and has done the most to advance transport initiatives introducing the Bike to Work Scheme.”

Deputy Lahart believes the positive impacts cycling has on the local population are so important everything must be done to encourage this way of travelling and make it as safe as possible.

“Illegal parking is a major problem for both novice and commuter cyclists and motorists and Dublin Bus drivers need to be more conscious of sharing the Capital’s roads with cyclists.

“However, this is just one element of the greater, broader initiative that is required the tackle the increasing dangers on our capital’s roads,” he added.

“Many parts of Dublin have become cycling blackspots with treacherous road surfaces that require greater investment from local authorities.

“There is a real need to ensure ongoing quality improvements to cycle lanes and road verges. Separate, dedicated cycle lanes on the quays and around the city centre will prove effective in enhancing road safety.

“While the UN recommends that 20% of a national transport budget should be allocated to cycling and walking yet this Government’s spends just 2% of overall transport spending.

“Fianna Fáil has proposed to put in place a funding scheme which earmarks a portion of the Local Government Fund to secure the annual resurfacing and maintenance of bike lanes.

“Our transport culture in Dublin needs to change and establishing a mutual respect between all road users must be further encouraged.”