Home Entertainment Cry Monster Cry return with new single “Things We Can’t Take Back”

Cry Monster Cry return with new single “Things We Can’t Take Back”


Cry Monster Cry are Dublin brothers Richie and Jamie Martin and following the release of their critically acclaimed debut album, “Rhythm of Dawn” (2015) the band returns with a bold new sound on latest single “Things We Can’t Take Back.”

Both multi-instrumentalists who switch fluidly between guitars, mandolin, and banjo, their music still contains the tight fraternal harmonies, evocative lyrics and dynamic instrumentation that the brothers have become well known for, but a new presence is also acutely apparent.

This time around, they’ve harnessed the visceral, taking a direct and measured approach to their song writing.

“Things We Can’t Take Back” is announced with sparse bars of a solid, solitary drum beat before a brawny punch of piano, double bass and electric guitar kick in together.

The song creates a series of spaces to tell the story, with an intimate vocal and honest lyrics over a beat and character that sits somewhere between R&B and folk.

The chorus sees the brothers’ distinctive harmonies joining in, along with a swirling synthesizer that creates a simple and effective impression. The new material is raw, honest, and their most personal to date.

This year has already seen the brothers making two stellar performances on the new series of Other Voices, where they played the new single as well as two other tracks from their debut album.

“Things We Can’t Take Back” is released on Friday March 17th