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Crowe says now next to impossible for citizens on HAP payments to secure accommodation in Dublin


Sinn Féin Dublin South West TD Seán Crowe has welcomed  a report by the Simon Community entitled ‘Locked out of the Market VIII and said it highlights how it is now become next to impossible for citizens on State payments, like the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP), to secure rental accommodation in Dublin city and its suburbs.

Speaking after the launch of the document, Deputy Crowe said:

“These statistics for the Dublin area from the Simon Community are quite frankly shocking, and confirm what many of us are hearing from our work in the community, that the rental market is out of control. Rental prices for accommodation are way out of reach of most citizens and particularly those reliant on State supports.

“On top of this, those relying on State housing payments like HAP have found it almost impossible to find any accommodation in the greater Dublin area. Over the period of this study, just 8 out of 167 properties in Dublin were available to rent within Rent Supplement and actual HAP limits.

Deputy Crowe believes the gap between HAP and the price of real rents means that many people are literally becoming homeless.

“Clearly this Government needs to realise that HAP and Rent Supplement payments are not solutions to the housing crisis but only a small part of it. The best way to tackle the problem would be to build more social housing.

“Social Housing is not only a State asset, but it provides a security of tenure for families which they simply do not get from the State-supported leasing of private sector accommodation. An increase in supply is what is needed, and in the meantime we need to see real rent certainty in the private rented sector.”