Crowe disputes ‘God-given right’ to have horses

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A CLARE TD has attacked “benefactors” who claim that people have the right to have horses, regardless of their ability to provide them with adequate care.
MP Cathal Crowe made his comments at a recent meeting of the Joint Vigilance Committee (JPC), where he challenged social media claims that people have a cultural right to own horses.
“There was a situation where a horse died in South Clare in the last 14 days,” he said. “That horse was not being cared for according to the Animal Health and Welfare Act or the Horse Control Act.”
Citing his own personal experience, Rep. Crowe questioned the belief that people should be allowed to have horses, if that is their culture. “You can say that it is a culture to have horses,” he said, “but I don’t agree. My grandparents had horses. My father didn’t, because he didn’t have the space. He didn’t think he had a God-given right to have horses. “
The Meelick-based TD added that the tone of recent discussion on the subject on social media hadn’t helped matters.
“Then we had a situation where some benefactors on Facebook stepped in to say that people have a right to have horses,” he said. “Well my opinion is that you have no right unless you can take proper care of them. These animals are crudely tied, left without fodder and are dying. “
Responding to Deputy Crowe’s concerns, Chief Superintendent Seán Colleran noted that the Gardaí is not the main authority responsible for horses.
“I fully appreciate the concerns raised,” he said. “We are not the lead agency, but we will act on all complaints we receive.”