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Councillors new EP is coming Straight outta Clondalkin


New music hits the airwaves of Ireland this week from an unlikely source.

There haven’t been too many crossover artists from the worlds of politics and music but South Dublin based Fianna Fáil Cllr Trevor Gilligan aims to buck the trend.

From Clondalkin, Gilligan is a self-thought songwriter and musician who is releasing 3 summer tracks he recorded at home using a PC and a digital keyboard.

With the help of the internet, Gilligan enlisted the help of vocalists and engineers from LA, Texas and London who all contribute on the 3 track EP.

Speaking ahead of the release of his musical debut, Trevor said he is proud of the finished article.

“When I heard the vocals for the 1st track ‘No Need’, I was floored by the quality out there.

“The Internet makes it easier for the small guy to create music.

“I think the songs are colourful, well produced and composed and a little different than what’s currently out there.

“The video for ‘No Need’ was shot in the UK.

“I wrote the 2nd song ‘Summer Sun’ after watching an episode of ‘A place in the sun’.

“The synth intro to ‘Addicted 2 U’ has a summery Calvin Harris vibe to it. I’ve been playing & making music since my early teens, so I should have done this a lot sooner.

“I suppose the fear of failure held me back, which is strange considering I have ran for election 3 times since I was 20.”