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Council urges people to park (their bikes) and ride (the bus)!


South Dublin County Council is urging people to ‘Park’ their bike and ‘Ride’ the bus as part of an initiative, called the N4 Cycle scheme. The initiative is in conjunction with BikeLocker.ie who have installed a number of bike lockers in Lucan.

This ‘Bike2Bus’ initiative seeks to encourage the public to use their bikes as part of their daily commute to the city centre. The bike lockers are based at the Lucan Road/Ballyowen Road Junction (R136/R835),and provide citizens with the facility to securely store and park their bicycle while they continue their journey to the city. Each locker is designed as a self-contained unit with additional space for users to store their cycling gear and helmet. Individual lockers are for rent at just €1.83 per week and €95 per year plus a refundable deposit of €25.

bikes scheme lucan

The bike lockers in Lucan are purposely located close to a Dublin Bus network serviced by a number of express services each with a very high frequency. This will allow users in the greater Lucan area to avoid delays by cycling through the traffic, storing their bikes in their lockers and taking the express Dublin Bus to the city.

Those interested in renting a bike locker at the Lucan location are requested to send their contact information (name, address and telephone number) to [email protected]  or call 087 644 23 22.