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Council to debate motion calling for Apollo House recognition


An emergency motion is being submitted to Dublin City Council today calling for the official recognition of Apollo House on Tara Street.

The NAMA-owned property has remained occupied over the weekend by activists providing accommodation for the homeless.

The emergency motion has been submitted by Michael O’Brien, an Anti Austerity Alliance Councillor for Beaumont Donaghmede. He said.

“I’ve submitted an emergency motion commending the action of the activists and celebrities who have seized Appolo House and rendered it habitable for rough sleepers, and furthermore calling for the injunction to be lifted from the activists.

“Practically speaking also, the motion is calling for Dublin City council to recognise the time served there by the rough sleepers, from the point of view of their progress on the priority homeless housing list.”

Rose Leonard from the Irish Housing Network, said the number of homeless people using the facility is growing each night.

“This is where they’ve been sleeping and congregating. It’s amazing; it’s really, really positive,” she said.

“The public support has been overwhelming. We received 800 volunteer applications over the past few days.

“A woman got on a train from Galway just to come here and drop off two bags of duvets and then got back on the train to Galway.

“People are touched by this because they’re fed up.

“Buildings like this are really creating a spark.”

For anyone interested in volunteering to help Home Sweet Home a meeting will be held tomorrow at 7.30 pm in the Teachers Club in Parnell Square.

More information can be found at the Home Sweet Home Facebook page.