Coronavirus is primed with the health sector in Italy

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Coronavirus is primed with the health sector in Italy

Coronavirus is primed with the health sector in Italy

56 doctors dead and about 8,000 infected toilets Doctors and nurses report that they do not have enough protection devices to avoid becoming infected

They are doctors and nurses, not heroes. The Italian toilets ask to lower the epic tone and instead provide them with enough protective material not to risk their lives in the coronavirus pandemic. There are already 56 doctors killed by Covid-19, which has infected nearly 8,000 health workers, about 9% of the total infected in the country, according to data from the Higher Institute of Health (ISS).

Roberto Carlo Rossi, president of the National Federation of Medical Colleges, denounces that the shortage of face masks, glasses and suits they suffer is "dramatic" and regrets that in many regions they are hardly being tested to find out if they have contracted the disease . “We are going blind, because everyone, even asymptomatic people, can have viral load. This is extremely dangerous, "says Rossi.

Medical authorities acknowledge that hospitals have become hotbeds of transmission for Covid-19 and that the disease is being primed with toilets. "The high potential for healthcare transmission of this pathogen is evident," warns the ISS.

The spread of doctors, nurses, caretakers and other staff adds even more pressure to the health system in the most affected areas. In Bergamo, the province with the most cases, of the 600 doctors that public health has, there are more than 140 who have contracted the coronavirus.

In some regions, psychological support is being offered to health workers to help them cope with the enormous emotional and workload that the pandemic is causing. They are tired and scared. They are afraid of being wrong, of getting it, and of not being able to continue in these conditions. They have been working non-stop for weeks, with the rhythms of an unexpected and deceptive emergency that no one knows how long it will last, "says psychologist Daniela Barberio, who collaborates with the Pascale hospital in Naples.

"There is anguish, restlessness, suffering and a mixture of powerlessness and omnipotence," says Barberio in an interview with the Neapolitan newspaper 'Il Mattino'. One of the great fears of healthcare workers is becoming vectors of infection and infecting other patients or their own relatives themselves. The pandemic yesterday exceeded 10,000 deaths in Italy, while more than 92,000 are infected, of which 12,000 have been cured. After almost 20 days of mandatory seclusion for the population of the entire national territory, the break is complete in many sectors of the economy, which begins to weigh on the pockets of many families.

To try to avoid a social outbreak motivated by the recession caused by the pandemic, the Government announced last night that it will advance 4.7 billion euros to help the most disadvantaged classes in the face of the economic hardships suffered by the Covid-19. For the fourth consecutive Sunday since the coronavirus pandemic spread through Italy, the Pope led the Angelus prayer from inside the library of the Apostolic Palace.

In his address after the Marian prayer, Francis especially recalled all people "who suffer the vulnerability of being forced to live in a group", as occurs in asylums, barracks and prisons. «I have read an official note from the human rights commission that talks about the problem of mass prisons, which could turn into a tragedy. I call on the authorities to take the necessary measures to prevent future tragedies, "said the Pontiff, who joined the request launched by the United Nations Secretary-General for a global and immediate ceasefire to be established worldwide with reason for the health emergency «Conflicts are not resolved through war. It is necessary to overcome antagonisms through dialogue and a constructive search for peace, "asked the Bishop of Rome.

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