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Manhunt and Bully given 1080p revamp


PS Store

One of the most controversial games ever, Manhunt, has been given a full 1080p up-rendering for the PlayStation 4.

Available only from the PlayStation Store as a downloadable game, Manhunt returns  for only €14.99. The original game which featured on the PS2 has been available on the site for a while with the original graphics and that will cost you €9.99.

Rockstar are the brains behind the game and there is no news whether or not they will try and release Manhunt 2 which was another controversial game. Although both games are gory and are a red 18 game they are both very good games with manhunt regularly appearing on greatest games list including 1001 Video Games You Must Play before You Die and also IGN’s Top 100 PlayStation 2 games at #85.

The game has been released with some changes, no censoring thankfully, and the changes are that you can now win trophies, do share play, remote play, activity feeds and also second screen support.

Manhunt is not the only game to get the 1080p full up-rendering but a rather popular game with one of the silliest names has also gotten the treatment, Canis Canem Edit, although everyone knows it as Bully.


It is worth noting that this seems to be a European exclusive for the time being as neither is featured on the U.S. PlayStation Store where a lot of the criticism for both games originated from.

Hopefully Rockstar and other companies continue to do this for more games going forward as retro gaming is making a comeback and having the ability to play these games with better graphics is a treat for all video game fans.

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