Conor McGregor praises Celtic’s Green Brigade for last nights display


Celtic’s Green Brigade are known for their banners and are also known for the fantastic atmosphere they bring with them to every game, last night was no different.

The supporters group returned to Celtic Park last night to a warm welcome and treated us once more to yet another iconic banner having been banned for two games previous by their football club.

So what was the banner? Well it was a brilliant Conor McGregor inspired one which saw manager Brendan Rodgers take the centre stage under the letters “CFC” in the traditional UFC font surrounded by the famous McGregor worlds “We’re not here to take part we’re here to take over”.

Last nights game wasn’t all about just how spectacular the GB banner was it was also about Celtic progressing to the group stages of the Champions League and with a 5-0 thriller in their first leg over Astana things really couldn’t look any better for Rodgers men going into next week.

Conor McGregor reacted last night retweeting the image onto his Twitter account but also this morning praised the club and fans saying “Celtic Football Club STAND UP!!! This is what die hard support from your fans looks like! What a sight! What a team! Thank you all!”