Chrome’s basic mode will reduce the bitrate of streaming videos to save data

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Chrome's basic mode will reduce the bitrate of streaming videos to save data

It was the month of April of the year 2019 when Google launched the new data saving mode for its browser, Chrome. Called “Lite mode” abroad, in Spain we have always known it, and this is indicated by the settings of the app, such as “Basic” mode and its mission has been to offer smoother browsing with weak phones or connections. Or for pleasure, that each one configures their browser as they consider appropriate.

With the “Basic” mode, Chrome tries to get hold of Google’s servers rather than the websites themselves, thus speeding up the loading of pages at the cost, perhaps, of wasting a few minutes of the latest updates. It also compresses the data it receives so that the processes are somewhat lighter, and data transfer less, and it seems that it is about to win a new functionality: low-resolution videos.

The secret: pretending to have less bandwidth

Litevideos Flags

As a next step in refining your “Basic” mode, it appears that Google Chrome will always start choosing the lowest resolution when watching streaming videos. It makes sense since this mode has been designed precisely to save most of the data when using the browser. If we want high-resolution videos, we can probably turn to some app that owns the service.

Information on this new functionality has been hunted by XDA Developers, the famous Android developer forum, and by extension of the operating system community. On this website, they anticipate that this mode of streaming low-resolution videos is already circulating onboard one of the Chromium betas, the test version of Chrome for different operating systems, and will come with Chrome 86 for Android.

Chrome will try to get streaming services to send us low-resolution video simulating less bandwidth

As described in the documentation attached to the new data saving system, Chrome’s “Basic” mode will simulate having less than actual bandwidth (in cases where this is really so) so that streaming services offer by default a bitrate lower, and thus save megabytes in the transition from the servers to our mobile phone.

This streaming of low-resolution videos will not own Chrome for Android By the way, it will also hit Chrome’s “Basic” mode for Windows, Chrome for Mac, Chrome for Linux, and of course for the ChromeOS operating system for laptops. So, it only remains that Chrome 86 for Android be released in its stable version to be able to start saving data also when we watch streaming videos,

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