Home Community Christmas fair in St. Kevin’s Boys national school, Kilnamanagh

Christmas fair in St. Kevin’s Boys national school, Kilnamanagh


The annual St Kevin’s BNS/GNS Christmas Fair took place today in the local primary school located in Kilnamanagh. 

I attended the free event today and to say I was impressed was an understatement. When I walked in I was greeted with a Credit Union raffle opportunity and the principal’s so-called famous ‘Jimbo Chrimbo Burgers’. The hall of the school was full of stalls set up by kids and their parents selling goods and Christmas treats all at great prices.

There was a great atmosphere in the school as most of the kids were wearing their Santa hats and Christmas jumpers and of course free face-painting! For all the parents there were lots of on-going raffles and lots of prizes to be won such as a 32″ television, boxes of chocolates, large teddy bears and many children’s toys!! There was also free face-painting for all the kids! Santa was present to meet all the children and hear their Christmas wishes too.

Overall it was well worth a visit and I would highly recommend people to attend next year’s Christmas Fair as all profits go towards both the local schools.


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