Choosing a career using artificial intelligence

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Life Design wants to facilitate the search for purposeful personnel with new technologies.

Choosing A Career Using Artificial Intelligence
Choosing A Career Using Artificial Intelligence

Choosing what they will work on in the future is a difficult decision that adolescents often make considering their skills and the needs of a job market that in a matter of 5 years can be radically transformed. Beyond the aptitude tests, a Colombian venture states that using artificial intelligence it is not only possible to find out what someone will be good at, but also to bring them closer to their life purpose.

That ambitious mission is the dream of Life Design, a professional guidance software that is postulated as a tool of self-knowledge through technology. The company, which started in January 2018, closed the first round of investment of $ 150,000 and has worked with 2,000 active users since October last year.

According to Felipe Rojas, one of the co-founders, unlike traditional methods, Life Design’s philosophy is not to create only the professionals that the industry needs, but to identify what the student is interested in, their tastes, preferences and skills and then connect them. to the outside world.

Citing a study in Figures and Concepts, Rojas notes that 68 per cent of millennials do things they are not passionate about in life. “It is a very alarming figure because they are people who do not connect with what they like, especially when 60 per cent cite the fear of failure as the reason for not following their passion. Culturally we are afraid of failure ”, explains the Bogota entrepreneur.

The solution he proposes is based on a Japanese model, called ikigai, a country whose educational and productive system was designed so that people could apply what they like and live from it.

“The monetary argument is not enough to feel satisfied in life (…). When there is something that makes you happy, in what you are good at, that the world needs and is something you can live from, you find a model. We focus on fitting these 4 dimensions together because if any of those quadrants is missing, there will be a reason to feel unsatisfied, “explains Rojas. (You may also be interested: AI-powered traffic lights fight pollution )

The service seeks to get high school students to approach questions about their future in a process that starts in 9th grade and continues annually in both 10th and 11th. The reason is that, according to the entrepreneurs, “we are people who are changing. In three years, that ‘formula’ of life that we trace can change radically, but there will be aspects that will remain, and our system allows us to identify those aspects. Students can get to know each other better and use that information to make decisions more safely. ”

After the questioning process, which largely depends on the sincerity of the users, the Life Design algorithm balances personal aspects with the needs in the world of work and calculates three options for professional dedication so that the student chooses the one they prefer.

“ We have become used to the fact that decisions are rational, but it is a lie. Most decisions are not rational, but because of fears like being alone, not meeting the expectations of others (…); If fed with honest information and in conscious exercise, artificial intelligence can be a tool to help make decisions. ” Likewise, over time, the system can detect patterns that the user would not have been aware of and perfect itself.

We have become used to the fact that decisions are rational, but it is a lie. Most decisions are not rational, but because of fears like being alone, not meeting expectations

Transforming education

Life Design is free for end-users, but the business model seeks to offer value to training institutions that want to attract users, candidates, students. This 2020 started with two universities, but they hope at the end of the year to reach more than 40,000 users and fine-tune the model.

In addition to guiding, the system would seek to better understand content consumption and knowledge acquisition for users, offering much deeper insight into study interests than other tools. Transforming Education. But the origin of Life Design is also linked to a different perspective on the student world. While other systems start from the idea of ​​success as a continuous escape from failure, for these entrepreneurs the fear of failure prevents learning.

“People between the ages of 15 and 18 are beginning to explore the world. Experimenting with their tastes and seeking affinities is not a waste of time, but traditional higher education models, intact since 1850, believe that learning is linear. “

Other types of proposals seek, for example, for students to create their own resumes with different emphases and mixing classes from other areas, known as a blended model.

According to the entrepreneur, young people do not believe the same forms of education, with five-year programs to lock themselves in and see changes in the world of work only after graduation.

” In life, we ​​have to develop talents, and we are accommodating, we are always faced with uncertainty. The proposal is that they generate an early self-knowledge process so that they begin to acquire skills and opt for modular, shorter and more continuous learning ”.


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