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Charity asking for just €1 to help homeless children

Boy huddled and alone on city street

You may have noticed that #OneForIreland has been trending for most of today and wondered what it’s all about.

The One For Ireland campaign is a day long initiative aimed a raising a million euro for charities working in the homeless sector.

In what is a shocking statistic for Ireland 2016 over 1,600 children will be homeless in this country tonight.

One for Ireland wants to do everything they can to tackle this high figure by asking for just €1 from one million people across Ireland for one day, today.

Across the country many business and retail outlets have set up donation points where people can contribute to fight youth homelessness.

If you would like to take part and do your bit to combat this plight there are a number of ways.

One for Ireland have provided a map on their website to all of the outlets across the Ireland where you can make this small donation.

If you can’t get to any of these spots you can contribute via their website – whether on mobile or desktop – or via PayPal or cheque/bank transfer.

You can also text ONE to 50300 to donate €2.