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Cembrit sets up own business in Ireland


Cembrit, the Danish-based fibre-cement company, is now moving into the Irish market with its own sales subsidiary. Thus, Cembrit will set up a full business in Ireland and has taken the first step by hiring a Managing Director to head the business unit.

The new Managing Director is Cormac Murphy, who is coming from a position as National Sales Director at Cembrit’s present distributor in Ireland, SIG.

Martin Jermiin, President & CEO of the Cembrit group, says about the move:

“We have a strong belief in the Irish market, and therefore own presence in Ireland fits perfectly into our market growth strategy and will help us serve our customers even better”.

Cembrit Ireland will be based in Dublin.

Cembrit is Europe’s second-largest and fastest growing player within fibre-cement based building materials such as flat sheets for external and internal cladding of walls and ceilings, as well as slates and corrugated sheets for roofing. Cembrit is active throughout Europe, with subsidiaries in ten countries and own staff and partners on a number of other markets. Cembrit employs over 1,100 people and has a turnover of around €200 million. Cembrit is owned by SoLiX Group AB.