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Celtic to unveil biggest manager in years to Scotland this evening


I’ll be the first to admit the last few years supporting Celtic haven’t been the most exciting. Failing in Europe and some disastrous performances in all domestic competitions left many fans wanting better.

Manger Ronny Delia received much praise but the general consensus was the job was just too big for him. When it was announced he would depart the club after the league was wrapped up fans began to debate who exactly the board would set their sights on.

Being completely honest when names like Keane were mentioned I thought ok we can give it a go but how great would it be of Celtic could bring in an established manager? Me personally from day one I wanted Moyes, I knew it was a long shot though. Celtic just don’t have the money to offer like others out there.

Then it was announced that Celtic had approached Brendan Rodgers, my first thought? No chance. I know a bit about the background of Rodgers and I knew he and his family were Celtic supporters but with the type of money being offered in England surely he would take a job there.

Days passed with little or no other names linked to the role, were Celtic really about to make a massive name signing, the first in Scotland for years? Then Friday the PR team at Celtic broke the news, it was Rodgers.

I don’t believe anyone that says that they weren’t genuinely shocked and for once I am going to give the board a break. I feel as though the support have been let down over the last few years with how money has been spent and certain signing. Brendan Rodgers certainly hasn’t come cheap and I’m sure the financial backing from majority shareholder Dermot Desmond has helped with this.

No matter who you support in Scotland, a name like Rodgers entering our game is huge and just shows the boards intentions regarding Europe. My greatest memories of supporting Celtic are ironically my first memories – the O’Neill era.

Around the beginning of 2000 I was just nine so I was lucky I only knew a successful Celtic side, same cant be said for those who came a few years beforehand but the news of Rodgers arrival has certainly brought the support together.

Success in Europe is vital. Give Rodgers a chance, I don’t expect anything too crazy this season but who knows if he has been given a decent transfer budget this year could be something special.

This evening Rodgers will be unveiled at Celtic Park and I have to say I’m excited to see him wrapped in a Celtic scarf. With all the drama that is surrounding the game in Scotland right now, from pitch invasions to the usual sectarian singing this is something the game has been crying out for.