Celebrate Tree Day by planting a Rowan tree tomorrow


The Tree Council of Ireland supported by Tetra Pak is calling on primary schools across Ireland to get involved in in Tetra Pak Tree Day 2016 tomorrow Thursday 6th October.

The aim of Tetra Pak Tree Day 2016 is to encourage primary school children across the country to put down their school books for a few hours and get outside to enjoy all that trees and our natural environment have to offer.

The theme of this year’s campaign is “Tell me How to Make a Difference” and it will see over 1,000 Rowan tree saplings being made available for primary schools through the website, www.treeday.ie.

Primary schools are encouraged to log onto www.treeday.ie where they can apply for a Rowan tree sapling which they can plant on their school grounds.

Planting these saplings will help teach children about the importance of planting trees to improve biodiversity on the school grounds.

The Rowan tree is native to Ireland and produces small red fruits which adds colour to their surroundings and provides food for birds, particularly the thrush, throughout the winter.

The Rowan tree can grow up to 20 metres in height and is typically found in the mountains, but it’s also suitable for gardens or urban areas surviving even in polluted areas. Tetra Pak Tree Day gives children, teachers and parents an opportunity to connect directly with trees, nature and the outdoors.

Through this year’s campaign, the school children across the country will learn about how to become more environmentally aware.

In addition, the campaign’s mascot Sammy Squirrel will feature on the back of Avonmore School Milk cartons asking 7 important environmental questions that can be answered through the Tetra Pak Tree Day website, www.treeday.ie.

Speaking about the launch, Kevin Hutchinson, President of the Tree Council of Ireland said:

“As part of this years Tetra Pak Tree Day campaign, we’ll have a 1,000 Rowan trees to give away to primary schools.

“These trees will be planted on the school ground. Planting a tree is one of the requirements to achieve the Biodiversity Green School’s Flag and it’s a great way of demonstrating the school’s commitment to the environment.”

Deborah Ryan, Marketing Manager, Tetra Pak Ireland also said:

“Environmental education and, in particular, promoting the importance of recycling and the use of renewable resources is very important to us at Tetra Pak.

“Our long-standing relationship with the Tree Council of Ireland has strengthened year on year through the Tetra Pak Tree Day campaign.

“We’re delighted to be supporting initiatives that encourage the planting of trees and that teach children about the importance of minimising our impact on the environment.”

The Tree Council of Ireland is proud to continue this important aspect of environmental education and is urging the people to get involved and celebrate Tetra Pak Tree Day on Thursday 6th October.