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Cecelia Ahern’s new novel out today!


Cecelia Ahern has published her 12th novel The Marble Collector and it hits store shelves today! The book tells tells the story of a young woman named Sabrina who happens upon a collection of marbles in her father’s possessions.

The collection has been carefully catalogued and she discovers that two of the most expensive collections are missing. What begins as a mission to find the missing marbles becomes something greater. Sabrina discovers that her father is not who she thinks he is; that she grew up with a man who had many secrets and through shining a light on him, she begins to understand the mysteries of herself.

The Marble Collector

Cecelia Ahern also has some more exciting news in that Warner Bros have optioned movie rights for her forthcoming debut young adult series, Flawed and Perfect.

Speaking about the news, Cecelia said:

“Writing Flawed and Perfect has been an exciting journey and a new departure for me as a writer. I am really looking forward to engaging with a young adult reading audience and I’m very excited about the prospect of the series making it to the big screen. I’m especially pleased to be sharing this news as my 12th novel, The Marble Collector hits shelves in Ireland this week.”

The Marble Collector is published by HarperCollins and is in bookstores from today priced at £12.99 STG/ €17.97.