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Catch ’em all as a couple! PokéDates is for singletons currently obsessed with Pokémon Go


It was only a matter of time…

Feeling a bit lonely going on a Pokemon Go hunt all on your own without a significant other to cheer you on?

Despair not, PokéDates is at hand to find a “Pokématch” for you so you don’t have to track down all those Digletts and Zubats on your own.

The app, created by Chicago company Project Fixup, matches compatible Pokémon Go fans so there aren’t any awkward silences and the dates have something to talk about apart from Pokémon.

First up, you’ll have to fill a questionnaire – the app will ask you to describe what you look for in a potential “Pokémate”.

You’ll also have to provide a few other details as well, such as where you live and when you are free and the app will try to find a Pokémon partner for you.

Your first PokéDate will be free, but after that, your romantic Pokémon adventures will have a price.

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However, there is a chance to earn free dates if you can find referrals.

The creators of the app say the idea came about because they didn’t want people to find love just by sitting at a computer or swiping on their phone.

“At Project Fixup, we believe that dating should be about getting out there, meeting new people, and enjoying the world around,” the company states.

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“Project Fixup is about OFFline dating, and saving you the hours of time you would spend online to end up with the same date.”

So what are you waiting for? There’s a romantic Pikachu hunt waiting at a PokéStop near you.