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Captain America: Civil War Trailer 1


The first trailer for the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has just been released and it looks brilliant. The MCU films can be a little stale when it just focuses on one of the Avengers but when they are all involved the films are brilliant, and from the first look of Captain America: Civil War it looks to keep up the trend.

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The fallout with the Avengers comes when trying to decide when to call on the Avengers and how much control they have is brought to the fore in the film, or to quote Tony Stark ‘their limitations’. This is something which Captain America/Steve Rodgers has a problem with, Iron Man/Tony Stark on the other hand agrees with it because if they have no limitations what makes them different from the bad guys. From there the fraction grows and some of the Avengers side with Iron Man and the others side with Captain America.


Black Panther makes his first appearance in the franchise, and at 1:50 of the trailer we get our first glimpse however at him and the costume. Captain America: Civil War has a release date of May 6 and will be released in 3D as well as IMAX 3D.