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Can you help a little boy get lifesaving treatment?


We were recently contacted by one of our readers, Louise Martin, with details on a fundraising campaign she has put together to raise some much needed funds for a little boy with a rare disorder.

Louise told us:

“I’m organising a Cream Pie Face challenge. It’s for a very worthy cause, towards; what will hopefully be lifesaving treatment for a three-year-old boy called Dylan, but other children suffering from MSD will also benefit as all of the money goes towards research and trials for Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency, unfortunately as the disorder is so rare there is no Government funding available.”

For more information on Dylan, go to: https://youtu.be/DZaz_mDCTtI or www.savingdylan.com


To take part in the challenge participants donate €4 by texting DYLAN to 50300and share the text on Social Media. So how can you get involved?

“Now for the fun part, participants get a pie in the face! All you need is a can of whipped cream or shaving foam and some paper plates. Please share the video on your Facebook page and nominate 3 other people to accept the challenge, we’d be grateful it you would tag our Facebook page user name: @CreamPieChallenge with all photos and videos.
I’m sure we can get the ball rolling on this together. Please get your colleagues involved and spread the word.
Also for all the Twitter/Instagram/YouTube users please use the following hashtags to spread the word #CreamPieChallenge and #SavingDylan with any videos or photos that you share.”


If you want to see some of the videos uploaded so far in YouTube search Cream Pie Challenge #SavingDylan.

For any further questions, please contact Louise on her twitter account: @1Lucylou or Email:[email protected]