Can you guess what the 10 most tweeted about video games are?

Following the launch of handle @TwitterGaming – which now has 146,000 followers FYI – here’s a bit more of a look at the gaming industry in terms of Twitter.

The thing is, there are thousands of gaming-related tweets sent each and every day. So what exactly are fans most excitedly discussing on social media?

Before you get too excited, sadly The Sims isn’t tweeted about that much any more (admit it though, back in the day, you loved it). Here’s the 10 video games that did make the list though. And yeah – they were tweeted about A LOT in 2015.

stats on video games
(Twitter UK)

So, perhaps unsurprisingly, two FIFA games are in the top 10. But the number one spot? Over to you Grand Theft Auto V.

With Call Of Duty, Fallout 4 and Assassin’s Creed all in the top 10, it seems there’s a trend for the sort of games people like talking about…

Of course gamers also like tweeting screenshots of FIFA 15 and FIFA 16, and their scores.

And did you spot Star Wars Battlefront just made it on the list too?

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