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Calls for tougher laws after Halloween attacks on emergency services


Following attacks on the emergency services over the Halloween period, Dublin South West Fianna Fail TD John Lahart said tougher laws are needed to crack down on those attacking frontline workers. 

Deputy Lahart said first responders, doctors and nurses in the country’s A&E’s have become high-risk targets.

“I think people who carry out attacks on front-line emergency workers, who are putting their own safety at risk to save others lives, it’s really despicable.

“We need the full rigour of the law. I don’t think there can be any wavering in our support for front-line workers.

“Those working to protect the safety of ordinary citizens are not just a uniform, they are human.

“They have families and lives too and the public needs to act with respect. We need to teach our young people that same message, that those they are trying to harm could be their own loved one.

Last Sunday night a member of Dublin Fire Brigade suffered an injury to their ear after a firework was thrown while attending a bonfire in Blanchardstown and DFB crews reported up to 20 incidents of violence and aggression against them over the long weekend.

Deputy Lahart said legislation previously put forward by Fianna Fail would impose serious penalties on people who attack frontline services.

“The bill had provided for a minimum five-year prison term for anyone found guilty of a serious attack on frontline workers but it is clear that we need a further measures to deter anyone who threatens assault or causes harm to these staff,” Lahart said.