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Calling on skilled craftspeople in Dublin for Reuse Month, October 2017


The Eastern Midlands Regional Waste Office, (EMWRO) is currently seeking craftspeople based in Dublin who are skilled in recreating and reusing old items, to facilitate workshops for events throughout the month of October for Reuse Month 2017.

Reuse Month 2017 is part of a national initiative to educate people about reusing end of life products and materials. The initiative aims to encourage people to repurpose, refurbish, donate, sell or repair old items giving them a new lease of life and adding value.

Dublin is fortunate as it has a significant number of skilled artists, craftspeople and handymen and women that can find new uses for old furniture, clothes, jewellery, bicycles and everyday items.

The EMWRO is calling on people to share their skills and knowledge with others in their local area by assisting with workshops, classes and presentations during Reuse Month this October.

Currently, Irish people reuse less than 2% of old bulky goods, including furniture, with most of the remaining goods going to landfill. Ireland has an obligation under the Waste Framework Directive to recycle 50% of household waste by 2020.

To meet this target, households across the country will therefore have to reduce their waste and increase their rate of recycling by an average of 5% over the next three years.

Declan Breen, Resource Efficiency Officer with the EMWRO, said;

2016 saw Ireland’s first national Reuse Month coordinated by the three Regional Waste Management Offices and we were delighted with the reaction we received from the public. This year we want to make it even bigger and better.

“The more craftspeople who can help us, the more versatile the workshops we can offer in Dublin for Reuse Month 2017, so we really want to hear from anyone who might be interested in taking part from every area.”

Dublin will host a programme of events during Reuse Month in October 2017 including workshops, talks, and demonstrations that promote all aspects of reusing products. The aim is to inspire citizens to actively engage in reusing everyday products on a practical level and to make sure that these items are still valuable.

Any craftspeople interested in taking part are asked to email [email protected]; for an application form.

Entries will close on Monday, 21st of August. The form will allow entrants to indicate their area of expertise, location, costs and other details.

Alternatively, to directly apply please complete the form by following the link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe0oPjcn8l2Fz5ZRx3-S8Acoq_ISHgC4jMA9EAQw_binoi9sA/viewform