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Call Of Duty is heading into space as Infinite Warfare trailer is revealed


Call Of Duty is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to action, drama and over-the-top Hollywood-style theatrics, so with every new game fans have an idea what to expect.

Recent instalments have seen a more futuristic and sci-fi approach with the introduction of drones, mech suits and android soldiers. However 2016′s Call Of Duty has pushed the setting of the long-running shooter franchise into territory even more far-fetched: space combat.

As the trailer shows, the game is making the jump into outer space, with publisher Activision confirming the combat extends into the “vast expanse of our solar system”.

Not only that. As part of a special legacy edition of Infinite Warfare, the 2007 classic Modern Warfare has been remastered for this generation’s consoles – there’s a sneak preview at the end of the Infinite Warfare reveal. Modern Warfare arguably cemented the franchise’s place among the blockbusters of the video game world and was the first to step away from the historical war settings.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

We can no doubt expect more details to be revealed ahead of the November launch – Activision has already confirmed zombies will once again return, and hopefully there’s more details on multiplayer modes to come too.