Cadbury is bringing back Dairy Milk Tiffin after popular demand

A Cadbury favourite is making a comeback after fans begged for its return on social media.

The Dairy Milk Tiffin bar will be back on shelves this summer but with only a limited number being produced, you’ll have to grab it while you can.

The limited edition bar will combine the texture and taste of biscuits and fruit, topped with Cadbury’s signature chocolate.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Tiffin
(Hazel Nicholson/Flickr)

The iconic Tiffin bar was first brought on the market in 1937, then discontinued in 1972. It made a comeback in 1985, hanging around until 2003, before being pulled from shelves.

Matthew Williams, Marketing Director at Mondelez International, said: “We know that consumers look forward to trying new products from Cadbury. And with so many fans asking for its return on social media, our Cadbury Dairy Milk Tiffin block is sure to be a success when we release it as a limited edition this summer!”