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Bungie announce new Destiny update coming in April


Destiny fans finally have a date for the game’s latest update after months of uncertainty.

In a live stream on twitch, the game’s developers at Bungie announced a host of new updates including new challenges, missions and bounties to be released on April 12th.

The original was launched with some fanfare in 2014, with a 10-year budget said to be around $500m, eclipsing not only other gaming franchises but also Hollywood blockbusters.

Screengrab of the Twitch livestream

Last month Bungie announced a new edition of Destiny would be released in 2017 but teased gamers with the possibility of spring updates.

In a host of announcements during the first of three livestreams showcasing the different aspects of the updates, game developers said there would be four months of new challenges, as well as a “whole new suite of bounties and quest lines”.

Screengrab of the Twitch livestream

Community manager for Bungie, Deej (David Dague) said: “If you’re playing Prison Of Elders every week for four months it will be fresh,” and that the new update will be about “inspiring people to fight in different ways and use different tactics”.

Reaction to the announcements was mixed, with many applauding Bungie for the update.

Others, however, weren’t so happy.