Boston Dynamics already sells the Spot robot to any company, anyone who pays $ 74,500

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Boston Dynamics already sells the Spot robot to any company, anyone who pays $ 74,500

Spot, the most popular robot in Boston Dynamics, is now on sale for any company. After years of development and sale exclusively for companies chosen by Boston Dynamics itself, now the robot dog can be purchased by any company in the United States. Of course, it will not be cheap, at $ 74,500 a unit.

Boston Dynamics comments that Spot is ideal for patrol and review tasks. The robot is designed to work moving around places where a human cannot (for example a doctor working remotely) or does not want to go because it is dangerous or too routine. In other words, patrol or carry out inspection missions.

The robot that has put up for sale is the Spot Explorer version. This is the kit designed for commercial companies and includes the robot itself, two batteries, the charger, a remote control, a housing for the robot and different software to program and modify Spot. Separately it is possible to purchase more extra batteries (at $ 4,620) or even a premium warranty service for $ 15,000 a year.

Spot it also has external accessories to enhance its capabilities. These accessories are usually placed on top of the robot and are for example a camera module for more detailed inspections (for almost $ 30,000), a module with better cameras and better remote control (for almost $ 22,000), a LIDAR (for just over $ 18,000) or an extra GPU to enhance your artificial intelligence (for $ 24,500).

Spot accessories Some of the accessories for Spot.

What is Spot capable of?

We have already seen Spot’s skills over the years, including how has been used for all kinds of tasks. For example, in Singapore, it has been patrolling parks to see if people respect safety distances due to COVID-19. Some have even used it on farms to guide livestock. The police, on the other hand, have also used it. But one of its most impressive characteristics is probably its strength.


To carry out the aforementioned activities, Boston Dynamics chose by its own criteria to whom to sell Spot in recent months under the Early Adopter program. Now that disappears, the only requirement is to be an American business or administration. And of course, pay the $ 74,500 that Spot costs. For everyone else, Unitree A1

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