Bauer helps workers who have lost their jobs after the Coronavirus in the MLB 👀

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Cincinnati Reds player Trevor Bauer launched a campaign to support all those who lost their jobs due to the temporary suspension from the MLB by the Coronavirus.

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Bauer, in conjunction with another company, created a GoFundMe to help all displaced stadium workers due to the postponement of the 2020 Major League Baseball campaign on Coronavirus prevention.
Despite having bad attitudes and statements, apparently, Bauer is not inhuman in life. That is why he knows perfectly well the number of people who are being left without work and did not hesitate to carry out the campaign.

In a 5-hour range that started, $ 15,930 has been raised. The goal is one million dollars, as that would be the cost to help all employees of the MLB stadiums.

    Bauer Introduces Game to Help MLB Employees

Here the Go:

In conjunction with @Watch_Momentum, we're excited to bring you our friendly rendition of #TheSandlot
We've started a GoFundMe to help support stadium workers displaced by our season postponement. Please join us and consider donating:
– Trevor Bauer (@BauerOutage) March 14, 2020


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