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Awesome Things Come in Threes


When it comes to juicy burgers, golden fries, thick shakes and a free toppings bonanza, WOWBURGER’s got it all. They opened their very first burger hut in The Workman’s Club 2 years ago, serving up double patty wonders to a rapidly growing gang of burger fans. The secret was OUT. Folks were discovering WOW.

They then opened another WOWBURGER in the basement of hardware and pints emporium Mary’s Bar & Hardware on Wicklow St. Shoppers. Pinters, locals and tourists alike flocked to get a taste of our beautiful burgers. Their 3rd WOW opened up in Ranelagh only months ago, representin’ burgers for the D6 crew. Then their 4th WOW opened up in here in Tallaght at The Square Shopping Centre last August! Now, they are opening up another THREE WOWs. Read on, brave burger enthusiast…

The team at WOWBURGER have recreated a typical conversation that they have with burger-fans all the time;

‘Hey WOWBURGER, how are your burgers so delicious?’

‘Our patties are made up of 3 different cuts of the finest Irish beef..the beef is ground and then shaped into pucks, ready to go on the grill. We love a bit of marbling, that makes the burger extra-tasty and extra-delicious’

*we’re blushing, but we know our burgers are savage

‘So, what’s the story with your buns?’

‘We are so pleased you asked us that. We spent aaaaaages trying to get the best bun for our burgers. A bun that wouldn’t fall apart, would absorb some juices, would have a nice brioche style feel but wouldn’t go all soggy. We finally hit upon the perfect recipe and we now get all our buns specially made for us and delivered daily by the awesome Coghlan’s Artisan Bakery, Naas Co. Kildare.. They’re part brioche, part bun. We don’t have a cool name for the buns, like a bri-bun or a bun-oche. Should we?’

‘No, ‘bun’ is fine. Now what’s all this about free toppings?’

‘You can get free toppings.’

‘Thanks, lads. Any more detail?’

‘Yes, you can get grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, raw onions, jalapeños, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, mayo, bbq sauce, hot sauce and WOWSAUCE all for FREE on your burger. No extra charge. And while we’re at it, let us tell you a LITTLE bit about our secret WOWSAUCE. It’s a tangy blend of mayo, ketchup, tabasco, mustard, pickles and onions and it tastes outrageous. In a good way.

Your fries? What’s so special about them, then?

They are seasoned to perfection. They’re golden and crispy on the outside but FLUFFY and light on the inside. Our freshly spliced potato fries, hail from Navan Fruits in Co. Meath. As the seasons change, so do our potatoes. From Maris Pipers to Marquis Potatoes, we deliver the freshest fries all year long. Add chilli and cheese, it’ll blow your mind.

WOWBURGER are topping up their Dublin locations, starting with two new WOW’s for Dublin! Today at 4pm they will be flinging open the door to their brand new Parnell Street location. Then in December they will be opening their Wexford St location. Plus, they will be opening another WOWBURGER in Cork in December, too.