Auto Bonus 2020: five Euro 6 cars to buy for less than 10,000 Euro

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Auto Bonus 2020: five Euro 6 cars to buy for less than 10,000 Euro

After bringing the five cars to buy with the Ecobonus back to less than 15,000 Euros, let’s go back to talking about the government incentives put in place by the Italian Executive to face the health emergency, and today we focus on five Euro 6 cars that with the Auto Bonus 2020 they can be purchased for less than 10 thousand Euros.

We obviously start with the Fiat Panda, a must for the Italian market which has been the best-selling car in our country for over ten years. The 0.9 TwinAir 70 HP Natural Power variant with natural gas and petrol can be purchased for 10,950 Euros with the car bonus, compared to 14,450 Euros, while the 12V Hybrid changes to 8,750 Euros from the 12,250 Euros in the price list.

There Kia Picanto, version 1.0 Eco-LPG 65CV with 5-speed manual transmission, with the Ecobonus it can be purchased for 9,500 Euros, for a considerable saving from the 13,000 Euros in the price list.

Also worthy of mention is the Dacia Sandero Streetway Comfort with the Blue dCI 75 diesel engine, which is priced at 11,450 Euros and that with the Auto 2020 Bonus can reach 7,050 Euros.

There Hyundai i10on the other hand, in the Advanced Ecopack version instead with the Government Bonus it goes to the price of 9,400 Euros compared to the 12,900 Euros in the price list.

Let’s close with the Citroen C1 VTi 72 S&S petrol which goes from a starting price of 11,250 to 7,750 Euros, very convenient.