Are Westlife and Boyzone set to form a super group?


As we all know Westlife and Boyzone have called it a day, well for now anyway but now rumours have surfaced that the two boy bands could get together to from a super group.

This news may well be music to your ears or for others it could be the worst news on the plant but former Boyzone frontman Ronan Keating seems to think it’s actually a good idea.

In an interview to promote his new solo album with PA, he said that a McBusted-style super group could be possible in the future.

“The idea’s been thrown around alright. Not just Westlife, but Girls Aloud and lots of different collaborations. I don’t know. Maybe, maybe. Never say never to those sort of things. We’ll see. Not right now, but maybe, maybe we would. It’d be cool fun I think to do something like that, definitely.”

If this news is exciting stuff for you then take a look at what may well be in store below as the lads have sang together in the past, while on a tribute show to Steven Gately.