Home Entertainment Are N.W.A.’s original members set to reunite?

Are N.W.A.’s original members set to reunite?


Last week we brought you the news that Friends were getting back together and this week if the rumours are to be believed then N.W.A are also set to join back up.

When and where? At this year’s Coachella Festival. Yes it looks as though Guns N’ Roses won’t be the only big name band reuniting this year.

Former N.W.A member Ice Cube who is on the bill for the festival as a solo artist, has said that he intends to bring the remaining members of the hip-hop icons together during his set – or he’s going to “try”, at least.

I had never even heard of the band before I reviewed one of last year’s films of the year Straight Outta Compton, and I’m excited about this planned reunion so I can only imagine what actual fans of N.W.A are feeling like having woken to this news!