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Appointment of US Ambassador to the EU “is a joke”


Fine Gael Dublin MEP, Brian Hayes has called on the EU Commission President to heed the advice of the EU Parliament in rejecting Ted Malloch as the next US Ambassador to the EU.

Malloch is an economist with ties to the president’s inner circle and is on record in the past comparing the EU to the Soviet Union, saying the European bloc needs “taming.”

He has also ridiculed Jean-Claude Juncker, suggesting the European Commission president “was a very adequate mayor, I think, of some city in Luxembourg and maybe he should go back and do that again.”

Speaking last night, Brian Hayes said:

“In his comments to date about the EU, Mr Malloch has shown himself to be completely unsuitable to represent the United States.

“He wants the EU to break up and disintegrate.

“How he can be regarded as a representative of the US administration is a complete joke and an insult to European citizens who are alarmed at what they see from the new Trump Presidency?”

It would be very unusual for the EU to try to block an appointee but it is impossible, though it would the European Commission and not the MEPs who could do it by refusing to issue credentials to an ambassador.

Brian Hayes believes the EU now has a chance to make a big statement about the new regime in America. He said:

“Jean Claude Junker has now an opportunity to send a strong message to this new administration in Washington.

“Mr Malloch should not be accredited as the official representative of the US government in Brussels. He and others who want the EU to break up have nothing positive to contribute.

“I back the calls made today from the Parliament that the Commission Président needs to act on this issue and stand up to the enemies of Europe”.