Apple reveals September 7 live event, but everyone’s more interested in the ‘secret meaning’ of the invite


The speculation can be put to rest, Apple has now confirmed it will indeed be hosting its next big live event on September 7.

This is the day that we are expecting to see the iPhone 7, whatever that may look like. Will it have dual cameras? Will it come in blue? Is the headphone jack being removed and replaced?

Of course the definitive answers to this won’t come until September 7, but in the meantime plenty of social media users have been getting extremely analytical with the invite Apple sent out to the event.

It looked like this.

Event invitation

However, the presence of the photography technique known as ‘bokeh’ – a blurring of lights that is difficult on many current smartphone cameras – as well as some of the language used had Twitter users speculating about just what it all meant.

Yep, if you squint you can see the shape of the lights is the top of the Apple logo. While others thought we all might have been getting a little too deep into trying to take anything from the image.

Thankfully, in just over a week, all this will be put to bed when Tim Cook will step onto a stage in San Francisco and show us exactly what the next iPhone looks like.