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Apple Music streaming service launched recently despite the controversy with Taylor Swift, however fans of the singer need not worry as it is still the only place where you can stream her album 1989, or else you have to buy it.

Controversy seems to follow Taylor Swift around however as this is about Apple Music let’s stick to that. For those of you hoping for a free version you will be upset to know that there is no free version. Apple however are giving you a free three-month trial after which you will have to pay for the service which is €9.99 a month.

Apple are also offering a family plan for their Apple Music service where up to six accounts can have access to the service for €14.99 a month. That’s pretty cheap and could be one of the major aspects of beating away the stiff competition that Spotify offers.

the only place to hear Pharrell Williams’s new song Freedom

One of the aspects of Apple Music which sets it apart from Spotify is that one of the major strategies that they are employing is that Apple will be the place for exclusives. We have already seen that with Taylor Swift’s 1989, but it is also the only place to hear Pharrell Williams’s new song Freedom.

Playlists are a big feature of music streaming services and Apple have seen and acknowledged that. Apple Music editors along with writers from Rolling Stone magazine, Q and Mojo to name but a few will be putting together their own playlists for users to enjoy. Apple Music will also give users “suggestions from our experts who know and love music”, how precise that will be is yet to be seen. Good or bad however it could turn out to be useful or just an extremely funny service.


Another feature that could be useful or a nuisance depending or your relationship with Siri is that users can tell Siri to add an album to their library.

Apple Music comes with plenty of features, one of which allows artists to share comments, pictures and videos etc. to Apple Music. This could be a really good feature if videos or songs from concerts are posted to the app as everyone loves a live album.

Another gimmick of Apple Music is that it will have its own global radio station called Beats 1. The station will broadcast from Los Angeles, New York and London with presenters such as Zane Lowe and shows from the likes of Dr Dre, Drake and Elton John. Those of you unwilling to pay for Apple Music will be pleased to know that Beats 1 will be available without having to subscribe to Apple Music.

With three months free to try out the service we won’t know how Apple Music is doing for at least four months time. However the fact that it has ‘Apple’ somewhere in its name I am confident in saying that this service will go from strength to strength and compete with Spotify in no time.