Apple Music and Apple TV +: two Apple applications that rumors already place in the orbit of Windows 10

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One of the most frequent complaints of Windows 10 users when it comes to applications, is, on the one hand, the chaotic of Microsoft Store when finding the desired application and on the other hand, although to a lesser extent, the absence of some leading applications.

And it is that if we look, while Microsoft takes its applications to the rest of rival platforms, case of Android by Google or iOS if we look at Apple, the other way around, does not usually happen in the same way. Especially in the case of the Cupertino firm. Apple currently only has two applications for Windows 10, something that may change soon if we listen to the rumours.

Apple Music and Apple TV +

Apple music

It is what they claim from Aggiornamenti Lumia on her Twitter account, where they report that Apple could be preparing the arrival of two of its own applications so that they could be installed on Windows 10 computers. Two applications that would add to iTunes and iCloud.

Discarding Pages, Numbers or Keynote, whose launch would not make much sense, the truth is that there are not too many candidates, but there are two very juicy among the possible ones to which all indications point. It’s about Apple Music and Apple TV +.

Apple tv

Apple audio and video streaming and its two bridge applications may be the next to offer compatibility with the Windows ecosystem. And in both cases, to try to attract customers to both platforms and, incidentally, cover the needs of iOS users who also use a Windows computer instead of macOS.

In the case of Apple TV +, the most recent service of the two mentioned, it is noteworthy Apple’s effort to bring it to other ecosystems, something that had already happened with Apple Music. In both cases, both with the music platform and with the streaming video service, they have reached Samsung and LG televisions respectively.

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