Home Tech Apple is reportedly developing a Snapchat-style app

Apple is reportedly developing a Snapchat-style app


Of the top 10 free apps in Apple’s App Store, Facebook owns three and Snapchat
owns two.

Now, Apple is said to be developing its own social networking app to compete.

Apple is developing a video-sharing app allowing users to record video, add
filters and illustrate the final product, a lot like Snapchat and now Instagram
stories, which can then be sent to contacts or posted to other social media
channels, Bloomberg reports .

Apple has previously failed with its social-networking endeavours, notably with
Ping, an iTunes social networking app released in 2010.

Sources told Bloomberg that Apple hopes for a 2017 release, although the whole
project could be scrapped if it doesn’t live up to expectations.

If the app does come into existence, though, it will be entering an ever more
saturated market.